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Written by Gerry Spain   
Monday, 11 May 2009 13:23



There are a number of variations on the site address but the shortest and least ambiguous form is:

Mace Head Research Station


Co. Galway


H91 N2R2

Tel: +353 95 32754



There is no fax number.

The post code is a relatively new feature and may not be recognised by some systems.

If you are shipping via FedEx, note that they use G07039 - this is their own code and is not an offical postal code. Presumably they will eventually adopt the new post codes



NOTE: The site is unmanned and has no unloading facilities.

Ensure all taxes, duties and shipping charges are paid - COD's are not accepted.

For smaller items, use postal service or any courier depending on the urgency. Postal deliveries are rarely before 5pm so allow an extra day. All the major couriers know where the site is and frequently sub-contract to the same local courier. In general there is no need for someone to be on-site to sign for shipments - the postman and the regular courier drivers know where to leave packages.

For large freight items, arrangements should be made to have someone on-site to accept the shipment and help unload it. Trucks should have a tail lift and should not be excessively large as the road is a single lane.


Outgoing shipments:

The consignee is responsible for providing all packaging requirements, labelling and documentation for shipments.

For courier shipments, it is recommended to use a company which allows the consignee to schedule the shipment via electronic booking. The local contact should only have to print off copies of waybills etc and attach to the shipment.  If hand-written/typed waybills are to be used, the consignee must complete and deliver them to Mace Head in advance of scheduling the shipment.

For large freight items, arrangements should be made to have someone on-site to help load the shipment. Trucks should have a tail lift and should not be excessively large as the access road is a single lane.


Campaign shipments:

Where shipments are being sent for a campaign, use the shipper's name as the consignee c/o the local contact person if there is a local contact for the campaign. (If there is no local contact, do not use someone's name without permission.) Campaigns generally involve shipments from more than one shipper. If there are problems with a particular shipment it makes it easier to identify it if the consignor and consignee are the same. Freight companies rarely have any information about a shipment other than the delivery address so if they are all addressed to the same person, it's impossible to differentiate them.


Dangerous goods:

Dangerous goods shipments are the responsibility of the owner of the goods.

Incoming and outgoing shipments should indicate the owner c/o Mace Head as the consignee or consignor.  In the event of some problem with shipping or billing I do not want my name to be the default contact - after all, it's not my shipment!

For outgoing shipments, in addition to organising the shipping company, everything including allpackaging requirements, address and hazard labels, tremcards, data safety sheets, invoices, waybills and document pouches must be provided.

Documents should be completed and signed where necessary and provided in advance of scheduling the shipment pickup. Documentation should be in English but may also be required in other languages depending on routing and destination; it is up to the owner to determine if this is the case.

Surface shipments by road/rail/sea are cheaper and easier to organise as the shipper can legally prepare the dangerous goods documentation. For air shipments, the dangerous goods declaration form must be completed by a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) which can add significantly to an already expensive mode of shipment.

Some useful links here



Gas deliveries:

Air Products are the only company which will deliver directly to Mace Head. You will need an Air Products account (or access to one) in order to purchase gases. If you wish to setup an account, you will need an Irish bank account. Contact Air Products directly for more information.

Note that spec gases are very expensive in ireland, especially relative to the US. It may be more cost effective to purchase gases from your own supplier and ship them by sea/road. Consider purchasing the cylinders outright to dispose of after use if shipping costs are prohibitive.



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