Details for Volatility of Aerosols in the Arid Southwestern United States

Name:Volatility of Aerosols in the Arid Southwestern United States

Pinnick, R.G., Jennings, S.G., and Fernandez, G. (1987). - Volatility of aerosols in the arid south western United States. J. Atmos. Sci., 44, 391 - 400.



Volatile properties of aerosols at an isolated rural site in south-central New Mexico were measured with a light-scattering particle counter equipped with a temperature-controlled heated inlet. Intermittent measurements throughout a one-year period show that submicron particles are highly volatile and display temperature-fractionation characteristics of ammonium sulfate or bisulfate. It is estimated that 60-98 percent of the submicron aerosol fraction (by mass) is composed of these sulfates. Larger supermicron particles with radii greater than 0.4 micron, which are composed mostly of quartz and clay minerals of soil origin, are relatively involatile.

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