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Name:Aerosol Climatology Measurements with a Nolan-Pollack Counter..

O'Connor, T.C & McGovern, F.M. (1991)- Aerosol climatology measurements with a Nolan-Pollak counter. Atmospheric Environment, 25A, pp. 563-567.


The Nolan-Pollak photoelectic Nucleus Counter was originally developed in the 1940s for aerosol climatology measurements although its versatility led subsequently to many other applications in aerosol science. It has been widely used in manuel, automatic and modified forms in many parts of the world to record ambient concentrations of Aitken nuclei. The design calibrations and performance of an automatic counter is described. Measurements of Aikten nuclei at MAce HEad, Ireland, are used to discuss it's sustainablity for the prpose of aerosol climatology.


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