Details for Size Mobility Charge of multi charged Ions

Name:Size Mobility Charge of multi charged Ions
Description:PJ Nolan and TC O'Connor ,Size Mobility Charge of multi charged Ions,  14 Dec 1955


The experiments of J.J Nolan and J.G O'Keefe (1933) on multiply charged ions produced in various ways indicated that the mobility of these ions was independent of the charge. they suggusted the following way out of the difficulty: "It is possible that a nucleus on receiving a large electric charge, may in a moist atmosphere rapidly grow and adapt its size to its charge in such a way as to have approximately a constant mobility". the present research was designed to elucidate the problem by measureing the size as well as the mobility and charge of multiply charged ions. One of the methods of producing multiply charged ions used by Nolan and O'Keefe was the spraying of water. We found that production by bubblling was more convenient than production by spraying. During the course of the work certain features of the ionisation produced by bubbling were investigated. These investigations were not exhaustive since they were only incidental to the main purpose of the research.

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