Details for Scavenging Of Sub-Micrometre Aerosol Particles By Water Drops

Name:Scavenging Of Sub-Micrometre Aerosol Particles By Water Drops

Byrne, M.A., and Jennings, S.G. (1993). - Scavenging of submicrometre aerosol particles by water drops. Atmos. Environ., 27A, 2099 - 2105.


Experiments were carried out in order to measure the collection efficiencies, E, with which small-sized water drops (of radii between 400 and 500 um) carrying electrical charge, Q (from 5 x 10^-4 to 22 x 10^-11 C) collect monodisperse aerosol particles of radii between 0.35 and 0.88 um. The measured values of collection efficency were within the range 1-6% and were in good agreement with previous results. the measurements show an increase in aerosol particles radius, drop radius and drop charge

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