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Name:A global black carbon aerosol model
Description:Cooke W.F. and J.J.N. Wilson. (1996)- A global black carbon aerosol model, J. Geophys. Res., 101, 19395-19409.


A global inventory has been constructed for emissions of black carbon from fossil fuel combustion and biomass burning. This inventory has been implemented in a three-dimensional global transport model and run for 31 model months. Results for January and July have been compared with measurements taken from the literature. The modeled values of black carbon mass concentration compare within a factor of 2 in continental regions and some remote regions but are higher than measured values in other remote marine regions and in the upper troposphere. The disagreement in remote regions can be explained by the coarse grid scale of the model (10° × 10°), the simplicity of the current deposition scheme, and possibly too much black carbon being available for transport, which would also account for the disagreement in the upper troposphere. The disagreement may also be due to problems associated with the measurement of black carbon. Emissions from this database appear to provide a reasonable estimate of the annual emissions of black carbon to the atmosphere. Biomass burning emissions amount to 5.98 Tg and that from fossil fuel amounts to 7.96 Tg. A local sensitivity analysis has been carried out and shows that black carbon has a lifetime between 6 and 10 days, depending on the transformation rate between hydrophobic and hydrophilic black carbon.

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