Details for Electrostatic Deposition in ionic Diffussion

Name:Electrostatic Deposition in ionic Diffussion
Description:F. Anderson, P.J Nolan and T.C. O'Connor, Electrostatic Deposition in ionic Diffussion, Volume 66, Section A, No. 5, 1968



Errors in the determination of ionic diffusion coefficients caused by the neglect of electrostatic deposition are examined. Correction formulae applicable to low ionic concentrations are derived for cylindrical channels. These are similiar to the Fuchs formulae for rectangular channels. Formulae applicable in the case of high ionic concentration are also derived.

For singly charged particles the correction tot the diffusion coefficient under the usual experimental conditions is about two or three per cent. The error becomes large when the number electronic charges per ion aproaches 100. Previous Dublin experiments with multiply charged nuclei are examined in this connection and corrections applied. The Corrections do not invalidate the main conclusion of these experiments that the Einstein equation B=D/KT does not apply in the absence of charge equilibrium.

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